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Pwllheli Lifeboat in 1910

Pwllheli Lifeboat Taken in 1900

1891 A lifeboat station was established. A boathouse was built, with doors at both ends so that the lifeboat could be launched either into the harbour or over the beach.


1930 The station’s first motor lifeboat was kept afloat at moorings in the harbour. The boathouse was not used between 1930 and 1953. Due to silting at the harbour entrance it was decided that a carriage-launch lifeboat should be reintroduced. The original boathouse was again used to house the lifeboat.


1964 An inshore lifeboat (ILB) station was established with a D class lifeboat.



1965 Photo of Katherina and Virgoe Buckland being launched over the beach




Past Coswain's Jack Ben(left) and Bill McGill(right)





From Left to Right: Brian Green, Unknown, Mike Dop, Jack Ben, Owain Roberts and Mike Faulkner




1970. The present Pwllheli crew, wearing the latest RNLI lifejackets.Second Coxswain William McGill, Mechanic Owen Roberts, Edward Jones,Humphrey Roberts, Edward Jones, Robert Wright and Michael Faulkner.The Coxswain, not shown in the picture, is Robert Vowell.




1972 The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Acting Coxswain W McGill and Crew Member, now tractor driver, Roy Morris for the rescue of two men by breeches buoy, a rescue method involving a pulley system and ‘breeches’ attached to a suspended buoy, from the rocks at Cilan Head.



1990 The tractor house was rebuilt to house the new Talus tractor. The boathouse was adapted for the new Mersey class lifeboat, providing improved crew facilities, a new fuel storage tank and a viewing platform.



1989 The Royal Thames out on exercise, photo taken from the Gimblet rock




1990 This photo was of the last time the Royal Thames was recovered at Pwllheli. She was replaced by the current Mersey Class.



1994 The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Coxswain Robert Wright and a Framed Letter of Thanks to Emergency Mechanic Clive Moore for the rescue of five crew from the yacht Pollyann.. Left to right: John Jones (Mechanic), Gruff Hicks (Crew), Arfon Roberts (Crew), Robert Wright (Coxswain), Alwyn Roberts (Crew), Brian Miles (Director of Operations), Clive Moore (Emergency Mechanic)




1997 The new station D class lifeboat, D-522 City of Chester, was placed on service on Tuesday 5 August. This lifeboat was provided from the proceeds of the City of Chester Lifeboat Appeal.



2003 175th anniversary of the RNLI. All Coxswains where invited to the RNLI collage in Poole where the Queen honered the RNLI. Photo here of the Coxswain's and ILB Helmsmen of the North West Wales stations.



2003 Framed Letter of Thanks was awarded to Coxswain Robert Wright when the all weather lifeboat saved the yacht Idle Thoughts and her lone skipper.



2007 A framed letter of thanks was awarded to Helmsman Andrew Green and both Stephen Glyn Jones and Carl Summersgill were given letters of recognition by the RNLI for there service to 17 SB'3 Yachts and approximatly 50 persons.



2009 A framed letter of thanks was awarded to Helmsman Jono Garton and Jason Warren of recognition by the RNLI for there service to two persons onboard a burning vessel. This serviced without doubt saved the lives of two people



2012 Two 40 year Bar's where given to Coxswain Robert Wright and Head Launcher Bernard Smith for their dedicated service to the RNLI. This is a new and very rare award from the RNLI and a first for any crew at Pwllheli Station.



2012 Vellum of thanks where given to John "Bach" Jones and Wyn Foreman for their dedicated service to Pwllheli Lifeboat Station. They have both retired from active service at Pwllheli however John has continued as Station training officer.



Pwllheli Lifeboat today, how times have changed.





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