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Weight: 19 tonnes (with track pads)

Engine: Caterpillar 3208 diesel engine [More details]

Length: 5.5m

Width: 2.4m

Height: 2.9m

Max Speed: 7mph

Drawbar Pull: 15 tonnes

Winch wire Pull: 15 tonnes

Track Plates: 50.8cm


Technical Details The tractor has a totally enclosed cab for the driver and is fully waterproof and capable of operating at greater depths than existing tractors. Two quartz iodine headlights are fitted at each end in glazed water-proof boxes, which also contain side and tail lights, turn indicators and blue flashing lights. In addition two quartz iodine floodlights are mounted at each end of the cab roof. Because the tractor has been specifically designed, it has been possible to build in a very efficient air cooling system for use on the beach. When the tractor enters the water, a pair of protected keel coolers take over automatically. The driving seat can face either way and control is by a simple joystick which is pushed in the direction of travel required. The power to the joystick is controlled by a 'deadman's pedal' which is the only control necessary for travel other than engine speed. The winch is operated by a simple haul/stop/payout lever, again protected by a deadman's pedal.


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